Djocy Santos

Jocilene dos Santos was born in the Cape Verdean island of São Vicente. Her family relocated to Amsterdam when she was 5 years old. Having grown up in and around the Cape Verdean community in The Netherlands, the sounds of artists such as Cesaria Evora and Ildo Lobo were always in ears reach. As Djocy developed her identity as a young woman, she discovered artists such as Sade and Whitney Houston, who she would study and emulate.


In her young teens Djocy’s surroundings took note of her voice and positive spirit. This resulted in her being inducted into Young Livity, a popular Cape Verdean band for whom she sang backing vocals for the duration of two years. This is where she met fellow band member Nuny Matias. During the same period other artists started requesting Djocy’s soothing voice; she started performing as a backing vocalist for the likes of Jorge Neto, Zé Carlos and Rui Lima.



However, after a few years of studio and stage experience Djocy decided the time had come to put the focus on her own career and she started to take song writing more seriously. In 2014 she was lead singer of the band Pureza. They produced World Music with their unique sound and her enchanting voice.


Yet, after a year Djocy and Nuny went solo and thus formed their current band, Djocy Santos. The two have in common that their love for Cape Verdean music is deeply rooted. They wrote and produced a solid body of work that they are now ready to introduce to the world. Collectively they create songs that combine contemporary and traditional Cape Verdean song structures and sounds while incorporating the influences of their European surroundings.

They released their first EP “Mulher” in november 2017.